Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Winter Group Ride #5

Seriously I didn’t forget about the group ride….I had the route ready and everything…..I just forgot to post it yesterday. So here it is a day late, but not all that short. I am working on some lingering sinus issues from throwing myself down a mountain instead of riding last weekend. Hopefully by Saturday I will be well! If not I will leave it to you all to self-mange. Given the route if folks want to meet us at Hinckley Reservation that could be arranged…..but make sure to let me know in advance (Twitter?). Otherwise we are rolling on through.

Same-ish recap as previous week…..but it can’t hurt to rerecap!!!

4-5ish hours, 80-ish miles in balmy 45 degree weather

Leaves at 10am from Botzum Trail Head

Store stop in Sterling around mile 50

This is a “no-drop” ride but shit happens.

Know the route, bring a buddy, or have a cell phone

Monday, January 23, 2017

Winter Group Ride #4 Recap

Wow what a weekend! Despite carefully selecting my clothing each day I am pretty sure I still overdress. Thanks to everyone who made it out to the group ride on Saturday. The total number of riders ebbed and flowed as the miles ticked along maxing out at about 15. We had some young guns, older guns, and even a retiree made it out for a 80-ish mile “spin”. Additionally, I am pretty sure we saw or passed just about every owner/rider of a bicycle in NEOH. Just check out the number of “Strava Flybys”.

Also, I wanted to apologize to anyone who was waiting in Brecksville. The southern contingent, riding a nice tail wind, blew right through. In fact, it took a reminder from Robert S to awaken me from a mid-January trance that 60-degrees is known to cause. In short I am sorry if we missed you, but I hope you were still able to get out and make the most of it! 

Finally, the group ride will be taking a 2-week break and will restart on 2/11/2017. Here is hoping the weather is similar…..but don’t count on it. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Group Ride #4 Might Actually Happen!!!

Weather looks pretty darn good for January!!!! The route is pretty basic but it should allow us to pick up some friends from the North and drop them off easily! Plan will be to stop at the corner of Chippewa Creek Dr and Riverview for a few minutes to meet up with any additional riders. Hope to see everyone out there!!

Same-ish recap as previous week…..but it can’t hurt to rerecap!!!

4-ish hours, 70-ish miles, hopefully no freezing rain

Leaves at 10am from Botzum Trail Head (meeting in Brecksville @ 11)

This is a “no-drop” ride but shit happens.

Know the route, bring a buddy, or have a cell phone

Pending traffic there will final sprint, awards (sort of )

In case of "cancellation" check out the Zwift Bailout Page  (NOT GOING TO HAPPEN)

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Winter Group Ride #4 Rescheduled!!!

While I certainly will be the first to admit that Saturday’s icy weather forecast is not the worst we have or will see this winter, but due to other exacerbating circumstances I am cancelling Saturday’s “Group Ride #4”. Cancelling might be a strong word, perhaps moving is more appropriate? Pending another deep freeze or snowpocalyse lets tentatively plan on making up #4 on Saturday (1/28/2017). That will put #4 and #5 back to back! Hope to see some of you out on one or both of these!

Side note: Sunday's weather looks half way decent. While I am not organizing a "group" ride hit me on on Twitter, FB, etc if you want to get some miles in. 

Friday, December 30, 2016

Winter Group Ride #3 Route

Weather looks to be holding but the 19-ish MPH wind will make things a bit chilly. Tentative route for tomorrow is below. Will make the final final call Saturday AM at 8.

Same-ish recap as previous weeks…..but it can’t hurt to rerecap

3-ish hours, 50-ish miles
Leaves at 10am from Botzum Trail Head
This is a “no-drop” ride but shit happens. 
Know the route, bring a buddy, or have a cell phone
Pending traffic there will final sprint
In case of "cancellation" check out the Zwift Bailout Page 

Hope to see you all out there, and stay warm…..

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Winter Group Ride #3

Alright everybody sorry for not posting something this has been crazy the last couple of days with the holidays, travel, a quick trip to NYC etc but I wanted to let everyone know that the ride on Saturday 12/31 is a go. At the moment it looks like things should stay dry in the AM and pending any massive accumulation Friday night we should be able to get in a chilly 3-4 hour ride. 

I am working on the tentative route and will post something tomorrow AM once I am back in WiFi land. Till then keep it rubber side down.