Friday, June 30, 2017

The Month of Waiting

July is almost here which means it is time to resurrect the blog. My spring “campaign” has been a bit of a slog all be it an enjoyable one. A couple of crashes and honestly nothing to write home about (in terms of results) have certainly made it seem longer than most years. That said I have had the great opportunity to go to some big events which, despite being long in the tooth, I have yet to attend. I’ll save you all the little details, but Athens is Awesome (go even if you hate crits), Tulsa is a little more than Tough (pray for cool temperatures) and North Start is as close to TDF stage racing as you will get in the Amateur ranks, I just wish there were more road stages. Per usual the July doldrums are upon us so it looks like I will have a couple of weeks off before things start back up in earnest for the final sprint before the DUDE arrives.

Work on the “fermentation station” should commence here in the next couple of weeks. To answer the ever present question (when are you opening?) I will be sufficiently vauge. We hope to open in 2017. Keep your eyes on the social media for more updates as construction and installation begins. There is also some talk of doing a few beers for NEOCX…….we shall see.

Lastly, in keeping with the times blogs are dead microblog (twiiter) or Vlog (who has time for that) expect the written word to live on here at least in some shape for form. There may be some video thrown in the mix as time allows (think bikes, beer, and baby) but per usual I make no promises. 

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